Services for Individuals

"Our purpose for existence? Create a positive impression with every interaction we make.” Joanne Walter, Founder.
You are a person and not a commodity and that's how we want you to stay.

That is why we invest time at the outset to identify whether or not we can be of service to you. If science is your industry and you simply want to chat through your options or expand your network, that's fine.

If you need more support we have a range of services from full blown professional coaching, personal development and training, through to helping you succeed at Interviews.

Our trainers are certified in a range of coaching and assessment techniques designed to create lasting positive change both professionally and personally.

If a change is on the cards, why use us?

Job specs are one dimensional, people are not. ScicomSearch consultants as well as being notable for their integrity, have a strong scientific background which grants us a measure of respect from our clients that is simply unavailable to many of our peers.

Our clients listen because they know we understand their needs from a scientific and commercial perspective and so are well placed to make recommendations that could positively impact their business. Our reputation goes before us, which means that your reputation is in safe hands.