Services for Corporate

“How we are different? We could explain, but in reality it has to be experienced!” Joanne Walter, Founder.
Everything we do begins with understanding. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

Instead we listen to find out exactly what your objectives are before proposing solutions tailored to you. An unwavering focus and commitment to the scientific community for many years has created a deep network of talent across Europe. This means that: “When you need to hire the right person, the chances are high that they are already known to us and will listen, because of our relationship.”

Joanne Walter, Founder.

A combination of our personal approach and our network ensures success.

Whether you need to recruit, develop or retain staff we take the time to understand your needs and environment and so significantly increase the likelihood of success in the short and long term. We do this simply by placing our community at your fingertips as it were.

In addition to our core recruitment solutions a range of bespoke services has been created to compliment your in-house resources, giving you access to cutting edge coaching and development for your existing staff. This approach alongside our company values of positivity, excellence and integrity ensures success.