Monday, May 12, 2014

If you only read one self Improvement book……..

We highly recommend “The Big Five for Life” Author John P Strelecky
I am tempted to write nothing more than that in fact as if the book is right for you to read you will do so … will you not?
All sorts of books that we read for personal or business improvement we take a certain something from, use it for a while, maybe even blog about it but with time it looses its position in our ideology or our focus shifts. This book really is however life changing.  That might simply be because it already resonates with how I run my life but I feel there is something deeper that  is a call to make all work life simply better and more meaningful. As any one who knows me can tell you that my “Miss World wish” as I call it is for everyone to be happy at work. For all of you that do not know me the chances are quite remote of me actually entering, never mind winning, Miss World but I would still like to have my wish ideally.
A short synopsis of the story – I suspect its metaphorical but a part of me hopes its real.
A regular guy dissatisfied with his job and life meets an inspirational leader who teaches him two core themes.
1.      Be clear about your own personal purpose for existence. If I was being metaphysical – what’s your soul purpose and if I was being  other then do not get caught up in the mundane day in day out of job and family – what’s actually your personal point for doing all this.
2.      What are your “Big Five for life” – simply what are the five goals you want to achieve in your life then when you look back at the end of it you can say that your life was a success.
The inspirational leader shows how he  is aware of both of these for himself and lives in complete integrity personally and through his major successful business empire by ensuring that he builds this into recruitment and retainment of his staff – literally so everyone is “singing  from the same hymn sheet” to use a dreadful marketing term.
At Scicomsearch this book put’s into a nice story what we have always suggested to candidates – when changing job think about the life you want to lead and not the job you want to have and this will really help you make the right moves. For clients recruitment should not be about “bums on seats” as it so often is – it should be about attracting and retaining good candidates to become employees for long term progressed careers so employers need to think about more than the job only to get it right and profitable in the long term.

We practice what I/ we preach here – I have created by business around the life I want to lead and as such they are continually evolving entities. All my team work how they want and when they want – it’s not free and easy; its all agreed, committed to and delivered.
Our particular ethos of recruitment we call Attainement – we will blog in more detail soon.