Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doing things a little differently...

“So I just pay you to just spend all day gossiping on the phone!” one of my favourite clients said to me one day with a laugh in his voice and a twinkle in his eye. I paused and then had to admit that was certainly how it looked. To be fair the majority of my day is spent talking to people and finding out the minutiae not only of their jobs and qualifications but importantly of their whole life – finding out what they are really like.

It’s an age old adage that recruitment is about “bums on seats” well that’s actually not at all what it’s about at Scicomsearch.

Anyone can read a CV and determine if a candidate has the correct qualifications and a career track record for a certain role. It takes a whole lot of different talent, experience and intuition to know whether they fit the company, boss, team, working practices and a whole host of other intangibles, not least the needs of the candidate’s! Will their objectives also be met and result in a successful long term hire?!

So as ‘not just anyone will do ’, how do we do things differently? With talent of course ; which comes down to the sum total of the other key aspects; knowledge, integrity, vision and a healthy dose of flexibility!

Why are we emphasising all those other aspects of recruitment? Well its not recruitment its Attractment – a term we use to bring two parties of the same values system together for a fulfilling and profitable long term relationship (watch out for our blog on this topic coming soon!)

As scientists ourselves (see my how it all began blog), Scicomsearch Consultants understand the industry at a far deeper level than many of our peers. This gives us the ability to skip the superficial stuff and get right down to the nitty gritty.

Much like the ubiquitously annoying 3 year old (why mummy, but why?) ours is first to reason why.

In doing so we find the hidden detail to shape the need and make sure the brief is ultimately what is required to drive your business or career forward.

There are often many ways to achieve a goal, once you understand the detail. We help clients and candidates to think flexibly whilst briefing them on any cultural and market forces that may have an impact.

Successful recruitment is about knowing. Knowing where you will find the right candidate or company, how to approach them, how market conditions might be affecting them, how you can positively impact their needs. Not just advertising or trawling a recruitment database, social network or Linked In.

It’s also about integrity. Being brave enough to talk against the tide and give real feedback especially when it’s not what the client or candidate wants to hear. Negotiating a contract, knowing what’s real, what’s fair and what’s a deal breaker and treating people with respect.

We do not view ourselves as having a separate agenda from our candidates and clients. We look for opportunities for both parties to win and are highly adept at recognising early on if this is not going to be possible. This means that unpleasant surprises are never really surprises at all and are nearly always underpinned by a plan ‘b’.

Managing both parties through a difficult process and still managing to be friends at the end of it is a challenge and that can only be achieved by operating with integrity throughout.

Similarly, because we work hard we are choosy (damn choosy!) about who we work with. You see we will only invest our time into people and organisations that align with our values as a Posichoice business (see ) . Doing a good job does not mean hawking yourself around the industry. Anyone that does cannot possibly hope to give their contacts the high degree of service we do.

We are visionaries, helped by working in a defined territory, constantly deepening our expertise so that we can perform excellently and properly do justice to our clients and candidates. Intimate knowledge of our sector means that we can spot and evaluate trends and opportunities as they arise, and are therefore well placed to help our contacts to take advantage of any new developments.

So yes, as you know we just spend all day gossiping on the phone. But as the gossip is meaningful and you never know what you might learn ... you might want to give us a call!

If you want a chat about how we can help you (or just a chat!), feel free to contact us now!

Joanne Walter, Founder.