Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CEO Profile report

CEO Profile report
At Scicomsearch one of the reasons we are good at what we do is that we have a wide network of senior level people with whom we stay in touch regularly. They may be happily in a job, on gardening leave or looking to transition.  In addition to the exclusive executive search work we do we are happy to network generally with candidates, clients and other recruiters in the hope that we all find the right job, candidates and employees.
Below are two fantastic CEO’s that we are looking for their next position. They have both written a short synopsis for review and if anyone reading this is interested in talking further with either or both of them simply get in touch and we will introduce you – yes free of charge!
Candidate 1
A business leader with a proven track record with world-class companies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Successfully developed profitable companies and brands across new and existing markets in a broad spectrum of industry sectors in the learning technologies, medical and security assistance, bio-analytical, FMCG and pharmaceutical industries.
Skills and Experience                                                                                                                    
·         Results-orientated executive with a track record of turning plans and strategies into bottom line growth, quickly adapting to a diverse range of industry sectors.
·         Extensive international management experience in a variety of markets in Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East, ranging from start-ups in new markets to established businesses.
·         Excellent business process and marketing management skills that have repeatedly improved operational and financial performance in single and multi-site organisations.
·         Successfully built executive teams to deliver business objectives and achieve organisational changes, including restructuring programmes and integration following acquisitions.
Sectors considered
·         Education and training
·         Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Service
·         Food and Drink
Candidate 2
My ideal role would be Leading a team in a European or International environment, either the complete team in SME or a subunit of a larger organization. This would encompass technical engineered products with a mix of capital equipment and consumable elements. The €1-€25 million turnover company is likely to be in the Life science, scientific tools or engineering sector.
The company may be experiencing issues in alignment or unity as a European or global unit, or maybe they have stalled with forward momentum in sales or business development. They may be a start up that has not yet gone to market but have an innovative technology ready for first market access.
The company should be led or owned by an inspired individual driven by the success of their company. A leader with a methodical approach who enables Autonomy and combines that with Objectives and feedback.
I am open to location and experienced in extensive business travel with a limited budget.
In Return for a six figure executive package I bring Inspirational team leadership developed and matured over thirty years, where my team are enabled and excel or found more meaningful work aligned to their values. I drive profitable revenue growth through careful use of costs, change dynamics where required, and effective market driven sales techniques.
I have a presentational and communicative style that is adaptable to ensure a clear message is received from the executive forum to the factory floor. I enjoy the business of meeting and interacting with people.
In the executive team I am a strong team player where the success of the group is more important than my individual ego.
If these criteria are aligned with you or your clients then I would be delighted to speak with you.
For more information contact or telephone Jo Walter +447921912208